A Trip to the Magical City – Things you need to Do and Eat in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in USA. Draped in its glamour and glitz this big city has a lot to offer. For all those who’ve been and failed to view the mesmerizing beauty of this city or for those who are planning their next holidays, here is a list of everything that you need to do and eat in Los Angeles.

1.     Choose the best place to stay

Most of the people prefer staying in LA downtown, trust me this is an overhyped place and will not give you the feel of the real LA. For better experience prefer West Hollywood, Santa Monica or Beverly hills. While going there also book a food tours Los Angeles for getting a taste of their cuisine.

2.     Hire a car

It is always advisable to hire a car for this city. Even when it might feel good to use their public transport but if it’s a short-trip you need to have a car since LA is a big city. Moreover, the car rents are not really high. Another thing you can try is book an LA food tour who will take you from one eating joint to the other.

3.     Enjoy the beachy vibe

LA is beautiful and if it is summer, you should definitely head to the beautiful beaches. Santa Monica Pier is one such beautiful place. If you don’t know about it LA food tours will help you out by giving you directions as well.

4.     Eat pancakes

Do not forget to enjoy this special delicacy of LA. The best place for getting world’s tastiest pancakes is Griddle café. Your food tour company will take you there. Want to know how: click here for more


The true essence of a city lies in its food, craft and culture. Make sure next time you do these things to enjoy your visit to this beautiful place.