Phi Phi Tour: Get the Best from Your Tour

Phi Phi is one of the finest islands in Thailand that one must visit. It is made up of 6 different beautiful limestone islands in the splendid sky blue Andaman Sea.

The Six Different Islands

The 6 different islands include (1) Bida Noi, (2) Bida Nok, (3) Koh Phi Phi Don, (4) Koh Yung (Mosquito Island), (5) Koh Leh and (6) Koh Mai Phai (Bamboo Island). The islands are located at about 45 kilometres from the Krabi coast. Read more about Phi Phi Tour.

Phi Phi Island – Surrounding Area

Phi Islands have excellent shorelines with incredible atmosphere and environment for sunbathing and relaxation. These islands are additionally spotted with magnificent limestone mountains, sensational bluffs that appear to ascend from the ocean and gleaming tourists facilities to give all the comfort that you needs.

How to reach Phi Phi Island?

Getting from Krabi to somewhere else you have two alternatives; either to go by Ferries or by speedboats. Ferries are the most popular form of transport between two because they are convenient, comfortable, and of course affordable.

Actually, it is very easy to get a beautiful ferry to this place from Krabi than anywhere else in the Andaman Sea. To reach a distance of 45 kilometres, this ferry takes only 90 odd minutes.

To get ferries from Krabi town, it is vital that you consult ferry companies for a perfect ferry schedule. The timing of your tour can have a major bearing on whether you get a ferry to this place or not. Since ferry schedules change very often, it is always important for you to keep updated with such changes. You also need to consider delay time in your schedule particularly when you traveling during the peak season when almost everyone is traveling between Krabi and Phi Phi.