Places To Visit In Oman: Make A Checklist Right Now

Right on the edge of the Arabian peninsula, you will come across the Sultanate of Oman. This is often termed to be the exotic destination, filled with so many incredible sites and attractions.  In case you are thrilled with landscapes, mountain ranges, war beaches and historical forts, then you might have hit the jackpot by booking a flight ticket to Oman. So, the next time you are planning to board the flight, make sure to check on best Places to visit in Oman now.

  • Misfat al Abryeen: This is a smaller village in Oman with beauty, which you cannot actually deny. This is a mountain village, which is made out of stone buildings in shades of brown and orange. This will make the entire place look like Italian mountain village.
  • Masirah Island: This is just off the Oman coast and it is known to be a perfect destination for travelers, looking for history, wildlife and beaches all under one package. It is also the home to Omani air base and the towns are relatively small over here.
  • Bahla: This happens to be another interesting destination to be in your list when you are taking a trip over here. This is a type of oasis in desert and has been a stopping point for the travelers. It is round 40km away from Nizwa.
  • Salalah: Often termed as the second city to Muscat, Salalahis known for its ancestral home to Sultan Qaboos. So, this place is perfect if you are trying to get hands on some of the historical facts of this place. You can take a quick look at the Qaboos Palace and enjoy its old architecture best.

These are few of the many Places to visit in Oman and the list goes on. You will come across Jebel Akhdar, Ras al Jinz, Musandam Fjords, Nizwa, Muscat and Wahiba Sands, as some of the other destinations to visit.